Analytic Laboratory Services


To ensure a faster field service to report delivery turn-around time (for the benefit of our clients), Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services established an Analytical Laboratory Service called Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Laboratory (Gijima OHEL). 


Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Laboratory is situated at Gijima’s Samrand campus and features sophisticated analytical instruments, in the form of an ICP-AES and an Infrared Absorption Spectrophotometer (IR).  All processes and procedures have been implemented in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Gijima OHEL guarantees to have test methods that are validated and include quality control protocols to carry out laboratory work in accordance with stated customer requirements, including having workload management procedures that can provide acceptable turnaround time and competent staffing to accommodate the test work taken on by the laboratory.


Gijima OHEL currently offers analytical capabilities in-house and for external clients.


Airborne particulate sample Analysis for:

-       Metals (ICP-AES) analysis

-       Crystalline Silica (IR) analysis

-       Gravimetric Mass (Weighing).


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