Cloud Computing Services

Gijima Cloud will transform the way our customers consume IT services and solutions

There is a fundamental and profound change happening in the manner in which IT services are being delivered for both large and small enterprises. The unique value of Gijima Cloud lies in the development, management, brokering and integration of the cloud ecosystem for clients. This will enable the use of client-specific cloud roadmaps that are suited to particular enterprise objectives, and which may comprise boxed or custom developed private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. The importance of technology in creating business value is emphasised by the renewed interest by businesses in the potential worth of social media, mobility, and complex information and data (or Big Data). That is also the value that Gijima aims to unlock, through on-demand solutions and services.

Gijima Cloud is an integrated evolution of Gijima's existing services, and is designed to provide our customers with a unique and effective way of doing business by managing IT and applications. Gijima Cloud includes the management of Business Processes, Software, Platforms and Infrastructure as a Service, and covers IT from being the enabler of core business strategy and processes to infrastructure and virtual workspaces. Our approach is twofold: introduce revolutionary new ideas and applications that unlock business value, while providing an aggregated and evolutionary smart delivery channel for new and traditional IT services.

Gijima is building our CLOUD SERVICES offering on the backbone of the worlds most advanced industry certified platforms. In bringing this exciting initiative to market we are extending our well-established partnerships with VMWare, EMC, Microsoft, BMC and Cisco.

Whether we start the journey with you on a Private-On-Site Solution or take you straight to our Public offering you can be assured of the best in breed technology and advice to seamlessly transition your organisation to the end game of Information Technology. You’ll get access to the latest in data centre technology as well as meeting enterprise grade compliance requirements with the added benefit of enhanced business agility that your users and administrators desire. It will save you from having to continually enter lengthy procurement and approval cycles to add enhancements to your own IT systems, rather allowing you to focus and invest in what your business does best.