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In 2010 Gijima initiated a program to issue iPads its staff.  The iPad program was the seed for a journey showing significant innovation and business benefit within Gijima.  Gijima has deployed mobile solutions that provide business value in the following ways:

· productivity: the MobileIron Enterprise Mobile Management solution enables Gijima with management tools to effectively manage the mobile landscape.  Employees are enabled with automatically configured mobile profiles allowing them secure access to e-mail and calendaring. Gijima employees further have access to a suit of productivity apps directly from the Gijima MobileIron app store

· efficiency: the uniFile and BoardView Apps integrate with enterprise content and ensure employees always have access to their relevant content efficiently

·effectiveness: through the ResolveIT app, Gijima has changed the way our Field Service engineers work and interact with our clients, making them a lot more effective. 

We also have solutions which enable our customers to initiate and track service requests directly on their mobile devices.  These solutions further enable the tracking of customer satisfaction levels in real time

Through this program Gijima has learned significant lessons on all the capabilities required to deploy and support mobile solutions effectively in the enterprise and has invested significantly in establishing these capabilities for our clients.  Some of the capabilities established include:

· a highly skilled and focused mobile team and a full portfolio of mobile services and solutions

· Gijima is the first South African and African company to be featured in Ovum’s ‘On The Radar’ positioning paper by the Global Analyst for its mobileIT solution

· Gijima is the only MobileIron ‘Iron Partner’, the pinnacle of MobileIron partner statuses, in Africa with over 27 certified MobileIron engineers and over 9,500 devices      under management

· Gijima recently designed and deployed the first High Availability MobileIron instance in Africa for a prominent financial services institution

At Gijima Mobile, our vision is to enable people, with innovative mobile solutions, to help them achieve their business goals. To this end Gijima Mobile utilises a consultative approach to each engagement which ensures that solutions are aligned with measurable business objectives and outcomes in a secure managed way.

Whether you are looking to:

·      simply enhance employee productivity through basic mobile enablement

·      striving for great efficiency improvements in your business processes

·      looking for breakthrough innovation in reaching your customers or enhancing your business

Gijima Mobile houses a set of relevant skills and innovative solutions designed to help you.

The GijimaMobile team are experienced IT professionals who have developed and delivered software solutions to organisations across a wide variety of technology platforms, industries and business scenarios. Our consultants understand both technology and business requirements to deliver the ideal solution-set (not over engineered and not under specified). We also have access to a wider network of technology professionals and partner organisations who are experts in their fields; providing our customers with flexibility and peace of mind.

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