Security and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)


Increase the value and lower the cost of risk management

At Gijima we closely monitor the state of cybercrime, both locally and internationally. While the numbers and extent of reported incidents are alarming we know that these are only the tip of the iceberg, as many organisations don’t report on security incidents for fear of “reputational” damage. We understand that business needs to balance security risks and compliance with expenditure, particularly in these financially troubled times.

Gijima has developed a comprehensive security framework, supported by a full suite of security solutions, which makes efficient and cost-effective security a reality. Our GRC offering focuses on the end-to-end requirements of GRC, from audit committee compliance requirements through to the domains of physical, electronic and information security. By integrating GRC activities into core business processes and applications, we can assist our customers in managing their businesses proactively and strategically, rather than reactively.

How do we do this…

Gijima works with clients to design a security strategy that meets both business and regulatory requirements and addresses security solutions in terms of logical, physical, administrative and operational security.

Prior to delivering any service or solution, we consult with our clients and provide an audit of the existing IT environment, highlighting both internal and external vulnerabilities. From a basic managed firewall through to a fully managed security infrastructure, our services include Information Security Management, Compliance Monitoring, Incident Management and performing IT Risk Assessments. Gijima’s experience includes providing compliance monitoring solutions such as PCI DSS and working to the guidelines of ISO27001.

Security and GRC Products

Foresight, our wholly-owned technology for vulnerability management. Foresight ensures that the customer’s security and remediation focus is in line with the organisational policies, industry regulatory requirements and the long-term goals of the business.

Voltage SecureMail protects employee and customer data wherever it goes, end-to-end via email, documents, or stored in databases and accessed by business applications. By enabling end-to-end encryption (E2EE), Voltage’s solutions stop identity theft, enable fast compliance with PCI regulations, support privacy legislation, reduce risks associated with developer, outsourced and off-shore environments, and protect the privacy of communications with employees, business partners. Voltage delivers this end-to-end encryption at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Where deployed: HSBC worldwide 350k+ users, American Express, Deutsche Bank worldwide 300k users, American Express, Fifth Third Process Services, Lloyds Bank,

Voltage SecureData is a comprehensive data protection platform uniting end-to-end encryption, tokenisation, and masking for the protection of sensitive data. Voltage SecureData is the only comprehensive data protection platform that secures data as it is captured, processed and stored across the variety of devices, operating systems, databases and applications. 

Where Deployed: American Express, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Statestreet Bank, Loyds Bank, Wells Fargo, Heartlands, Fifth Third Processing Solutions

Gijima holds a Microsoft Gold Certified competency certification for Security and Identity Management.

·      PCI DSS & POPI

·      Identity & Access Governance

·      User Activity Monitoring

·      Security Incident Event Management

·      Security Awareness Training

·      Active Directory Optimization

·      Email & File Encryption

·      Data Encryption

·      Secure Payments

·      Secure Stateless Tokenisation

·      Data Loss Prevention

·      Multi Factor Authentication

·      Firewalls

·      Vulnerability Management